Han Ji-min, Jo In-sung And More Volunteered To Deliver Coal To Poor Village By Hand During Cold Winter

Their good deeds are being praised by netizens

On the afternoon of December 2nd, as the temperature is falling below zero, many people in the broadcasting, film, theater, and art industry, including actress Han Ji-min, actor Jo In-sung, singer Maya, and writer Noh Hee-kyung, volunteered for coal delivery at the poor Guryong Village in Gaepo-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul.

In Guryong Village, there are shanty houses gathered between narrow alleys, so cars and trucks cannot enter to bring coal. Therefore, many people need to line up in each alley to carry the coal. This is the reason why Gilbert, a group of people working in broadcasting, film, theater, and art, has been carrying out an activity to carry the coal to this village every winter, as this is the villagers’ way of heating instead of gas.

Han Ji-min

Han Ji-min was spotted at this year’s activity. The singer has been participating in this activity for 20 years. Actor Jo In-sung has also been delivering coal at this event every winter for four years.

The participants mainly wore black outfits. Han Ji-min said it was for her to become one with the coal. At the end, everyone took off their gloves and their hands were covered with coal. After delivering all the coal, they gathered in groups at Gilbert’s meeting and shared their thoughts. Han Ji-min encouraged his colleagues, saying, “After carrying the coal, my heart felt warm. Let’s do it together next winter.” Writer Noh Hee-kyung, head of Gilbert, also expressed her gratitude, saying, “It was cold, but I enjoyed the activity with. Thank you all for being with me.”

jo in sung

They have been doing good deeds for 20 years together with the international relief organization JTS (Chairman Beopryun) at the Gilbott meeting, where they study their minds and volunteer. In May and December every year, street fundraising is held to help children in poor countries facing hunger.

Source: nate

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