BTS Jungkook went viral in India after mentioning an Indian movie and song on Weverse live

BTS Jungkook mentioned an Indian movie and danced to an Indian song during his personal live broadcast, causing a hot topic.

On March 4th, Jungkook conducted a personal live broadcast through the fan community platform Weverse. Here, the male revealed that he recently watched the Indian movie “RRR” (Rise, Roar, Revolt) and sang along to one of the theme songs, “Naatu Naatu”, for his fans.

Jungkook also said, “This song is so fun,” as he danced along and shook his shoulders to the beat of “Naatu Naatu”.


On Twitter, “JUNGKOOK LIVE” became the top trending topic in India, while “Naatu Naatu” reached the fifth spot. Jungkook’s English name also appeared three times as the top trending topic, causing a buzz on local social media.


In addition, the official Twitter account of “RRR” shared a message in Korean expressing their gratitude to Jungkook for loving “Naatu Naatu” so much, as well as sending their love to Jungkook, BTS, and the whole of South Korea. They also shared the news that “RRR” ranked second on Netflix Korea’s trending list. The official Netflix India account also mentioned Jungkook and posted a touching message, further fueling the discussion.

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Major Indian media outlets and foreign media such as Hindustan Times, INDIA TV, INDIA TODAY, Economic Times, Times Now, Indian Express, India.com, etc. reported on Jungkook’s mention of “Naatu Naatu” from the movie “RRR”. The front page of major Indian newspapers such as Jaipur Times, Calcutta Times, E Times, Pune Times, etc. also featured articles on this topic.

Indian news outlet “News 18 Bangla” reported, “Korean superstar Jungkook surprised fans during his Friday Weverse live broadcast after his Instagram account was deactivated. He danced to the song from the Indian movie ‘RRR’, causing a ripple effect from India to Korea.


All in all, Jungkook’s single comment created a chain reaction that shook both the Indian and Korean media.

Last year, the Indian movie “RRR” was released and became a huge hit, with the theme song “Naatu Naatu” winning the Best Original Song at the 80th Golden Globe Awards. It is an exciting and lively song with a fast beat.

After Jungkook mentioned the Indian movie and music on his personal live broadcast without any language or cultural biases, Indian ARMYs expressed ecstatic reactions, leaving comments like “We won in life” and “The day Indian ARMYs won“.

In addition, Korean fans also showed enthusiastic responses such as “Jungkook is amazing for being unbiased”, “The song is fun and I really want to watch the movie Jungkook mentioned”, “Anything Jungkook says becomes a hot topic”, “Jungkook’s power and influence are incredible,” “I feel touched by the reactions of Indian ARMYs”, “It’s amazing that the official Indian account expressed their gratitude in Korean”, “Jungkook’s single comment had such a huge impact, only he could do that“, and “Indian major media and newspapers are pouring out articles due to Jungkook’s comment…he truly is a global superstar.”

BTS Jungkook

Meanwhile, Jungkook’s personal live broadcast reached a staggering 15.8 million simultaneous viewers. Previous personal live broadcasts, which were titled “How have you been?” and “kkkkkkk”, also reached 16.3 million and 12.4 million simultaneous viewers respectively, proving Jungkook’s title as the “king of live broadcasts.”

Source: Nate

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