“One Dollar Lawyer” director, “Namgoong Min and Jin Ah Reum’s wedding day was before the filming, I feel sorry”

Director Kim Jae Hyun delivered a message of congratulations and his gratitude to Namgoong Min, the lead actor of “One Dollar Lawyer”

Recently, director Kim Jae Hyun of SBS’s drama “One Dollar Lawyer” shared his thoughts on the ending and behind the scenes in an interview with the Herald POP.

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Director Kim said, “The staff worked very hard. It’s nice to have a drama they can be proud of.”

Regarding the emphasis on directing “One Dollar Lawyer”, he said, “There are many genres in our drama, and we tried to make each genre in a pattern that everyone knows. Humanism in some episodes, horror in some episodes, or romance in some. I changed the tone and manners of the drama every time. But I tried my best not to miss the essence of the comedy drama. It was not easy to coordinate.”

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What is the secret of “One Dollar Lawyer” being loved so much? Director Kim said, “Isn’t it because it’s easy, fun, and not difficult to understand? When I ordered the opening song to the music director, I said ‘I hope it’s like a cartoon theme song that children can sing along to at the playground.’ I wanted it to be a drama that talks about precious values rather than being cheesy. He pointed out that “I think viewers enjoyed it well.”

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On Oct 15th of last month, the show broke the 15% viewer rating (Nielsen Korea nationwide) and caused a sensation. In particular, along with the high ratings, the news of the main actor Nam Goong Min’s wedding with his lover Jin Ah Reum made it a double celebration. Director Kim said, “What more can I say aside from my sincere congratulation. However, due to the tight filming schedule, he was scheduled to film until the day before his wedding. I was very sorry about that,” he shared some behind-the-scenes stories.

nam goong min one dollar lawyer

On the other hand, “One Dollar Lawyer” is causing disappointment toward its end due to the shortened ending and frequent cancellations. Director Kim said, “It can’t be anyone’s fault. We had a lot of discussions internally. It was my first time to realize that there are things that could not be done only with one’s heart and effort. Nevertheless, I am grateful to those who have watched the drama until the end,” he said, thanking viewers.

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