“Couple dance with male cast member”… Jessica is busy in China despite discrimination

Former Girls’ Generation member Jessica is active in China.

Jessica appeared as a guest on Chinese Hunan Satellite TV’s popular variety show “Hello, Saturday” at the end of August. This day’s broadcast was conducted in the form of pairing male and female cast members. Jessica teamed up with fellow member Kelly Yu and enjoyed games such as “Towel game”. She even performed a couple dance with Chinese star Tan Jianci with “Señorita”. Her appearance of actively playing games with a smiling face from start to finish is 180 degrees different from when she was nicknamed “Ice Princess” due to her expressionless face.

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Jessica finished second on Chinese Mango TV’s “Sisters Who Make Waves 3”. “Sisters Who Make Waves” is a survival program in which female stars in their 30s or older compete to re-debut in a new girl group. Jessica attracted great attention by participating in the contest with the title of “former Girls’ Generation member”. During this process, she suffered a lot of troubles as rumors were raised that Jessica was participating in the program as a “Korean-Chinese“.

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After the contest, Jessica appears to be actively appearing on various entertainment programs to lay the foundation for her activities in China. It has been confirmed that she will appear as a mentor on China’s BJ training program and appear on Mango TV’s new entertainment program “Seaside of the Band”. However, controversy arose because she was treated differently from Cyndi Wang, who took first place on “Sisters Who Make Waves 3”. According to local media outlets, the production cost (including program sponsor advertising) of “Promise of the stars” starring Cyndi Wang was 410 million yuan (about 79.7 billion won), but the production cost of Jessica’s “Seaside of the Band” was only 175 million yuan (about 34 billion won). In addition, “Promise of the stars” will be released simultaneously on Chinese Hunan Satellite TV and Mango TV, but “Seaside of the Band” will be released only through online streaming.


Despite being discriminated against in many ways, Jessica is focusing on her activities in China.

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