TWICE continues to hit another milestone in their music career!

Recently, TWICE's 'Dance The Night Away' MV has reached 300 million views.

On August 28, 2021, at approximately 11:15 p.m KST, TWICE‘s “Dance The Night Away” has officially hit 300 million views on YouTube, marking the group’s 11th MV to achieve this milestone.


Previously, MVs that have achieved this achievement include: “Like Ooh Ahh”, “Cheer Up”, “TT”, “Likey”, “Heart Shaker”, “What is Love?”, “Yes or Yes”. , “Fancy”, “Feel Special”, and “I Can’t Stop Me”. With this achievement, TWICE expands their record of being a girl group with the most MVs reaching over 300 million views on the YouTube platform. The group also joined BLACKPINK and BTS to join the club of Korean idol groups with 3 MVs in the same year reaching over 300 million views.


“Dance the Night Away” is TWICE’s 9th official K-pop single, and the track quickly gained commercial effect in Korea and international audiences. At the time of its release, “Dance The Night Away” was commented on by Billboard: “Dance the Night Away” could become a prime example of how to keep a strong brand identity while still appealing to an international audience. With 20 million views in 24 hours, TWICE is attracting many new audiences.”

It can be seen that this is one of the good news for TWICE, after the negative news when Tyuzu was suddenly entangled in the suspicion of falling into China’s “restricted” list due to her past statements.

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