Gong Myung and Kim Min-ha to appear in “A Week Before I Die”

“A Week Before I Die” confirmed its cast and heralded the birth of a youth fantasy romance that crosses the secret between the past and the present

TVING’s original series “A Week Before I Die” (created by Roh Deok, written by Song Hyun-joo, Jang In-jung, directed by Choi Ha-na) portrays a youth fantasy romance that unfolds when 24-year-old Hee-wan (Kim Min-ha), who lives like a hikikomori without any enthusiasm for life, is visited by her childhood friend and first love Ram-woo (Gong Myung), who appears as a grim reaper. The two reunite a week before Hee-wan’s death, and they confront a secret that they didn’t know about during high school days. The story follows their search for the meaning of life and love.

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Gong Myung takes on the role of Kim Ram-woo, who appears as a grim reaper in front of Hee-wan 6 years after his departure from the world. He shakes up her lethargic daily life by performing a series of extraordinary bucket list tasks during a week. Gong Myung, who has been active on both the small screen in dramas like “Lovers of the Red Sky”, “Be Melodramatic” and on the big screen in movies like “Killing Romance”, “Hansan: Rising Dragon”, “Extreme Job”, transforms into a grim reaper accompanying Hee-wan while hiding his first love emotions.

Kim Min-ha has been cast as Jung Hee-wan, who faces death after wasting her youth without laughter. Kim Min-ha, who left a deep impression as the protagonist in Apple TV+’s “Pachinko”, will showcase a wide range of emotions through the character Hee-wan, who switches between a mischievous high school girl and a lethargic 24-year-old youth.

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“A Week Before I Die” is the first OTT series planned and produced by CJ ENM Film Business Division. It will be created by director Roh Deok, known for works such as the film “Very Ordinary Couple” and the series “Glitch”, and directed by director Choi Ha-na, who gained attention in the film industry with her feature film debut “More Than Family”. This collaboration is expected to create a synergy of high-quality movies and series.

The production team said, “‘A Week Before I Die’ is based on the novel of the same name by Seo Eun-chae and has garnered consistent anticipation from readers ever since the adaptation was confirmed. We hope to convey warm empathy and comfort to viewers through the story of Ram-woo and Hee-wan.”

Meanwhile, “A Week Before I Die” is set to be released in 2025.

Source: Daum

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