(G)I-DLE Soyeon’s recent statement is said to be disrespectful to Produce 101 and other contestants

Soyeon ((G)I-DLE) has shared about her feelings during her time on ‘Produce 101’, but Knet thinks that she has looked down on the show that helped her gain fame.

On July 5, (G)I-DLE Soyeon had a solo comeback with her first mini-album ‘Windy’ and the title track ‘BEAM BEAM’. At present the leader of (G)I-DLE is promoting her solo comeback, one of which is participating in the interview show Kizzle.

In the interview show Kizzlel, Soyeon had an interesting talk with young kids about her career and private life. Among them, she mentioned the time when she was a trainee of Cube and the period of participating in survival shows. However, an anecdote Soyeon shared regarding the ‘displeasure’ in ‘Produce 101’ has attracted the attention of netizens.

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In 2016, when she was a trainee of Cube, Soyeon made her first public appearance on television with Mnet’s show ‘Produce 101’. When the show ended, Soyeon could not debut with I.O.I, but she soon received enthusiastic attention from the public because of her top-notch rapping ability.

She made a buzz after ‘Produce 101’ but in Kizzle, Soyeon shared that she was neither satisfied nor happy at that time. She said that wearing a pink school uniform or dancing in the show made her realize that reality was not what she had been imagining.

Soyeon shared with a kid on the show Kizzle: “Do you know ‘Produce 101’? I was in that program. I wore a pink school uniform and danced like this. When I did that, (I realized how harsh) the reality is.”

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Soyeon said she felt limited by the show’s atmosphere and rules.  She expressed: ‘I wanted to make music at that time, but in the show, I had to do what they told me to do.  And I thought ‘Is that what it’s like to be a singer?’

After finishing ‘Produce 101’, Soyeon then joined another survival show ‘Unpretty Rapstar 3’.  She said that thanks to this show, she herself felt better and regained her confidence because she could do what she wanted and could compose what she wanted. 

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Thought Soyeon’s sharing would help Korean netizens sympathize with her, but the actual reaction was very different.  Many Knets commented that because Soyeon is now famous, she has an attitude of not taking ‘Produce 101’ seriously even though it is a show that has helped her become known and gradually become more famous.

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Many people pointed out that the leader (G)I-DLE not only looked down on the show but also the other contestants.  The reason is that she felt frustrated when she thought that ‘wearing a pink uniform, dancing on the show, doing what people ask’ was not ‘similar to the concept of being a singer’.  Meanwhile, Knets said that there are many trainees who have always worked hard to join the show and many of them are also famous and recognized by the public.

Soyeon’s statement received more criticism when she recently posted a short TikTok video showing a part of her solo comeback song ‘BEAM BEAM’.  In the video, she changed 3 different outfits, including the old ‘Produce 101’ uniform.  Knet believes that the female rapper herself is also aware that she is famous from the Mnet show and continues to use that image while just showing contempt for her time as a contestant on the show.

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