(G) I-DLE’s digital achievement dropped significantly after Soojin’s school violence scandal: It seems that the group is really boycotted!

It seems that the public has actually turned their back on (G) I-DLE after Soojin’s school violence scandal

In recent days, a series of Kpop idols were accused of participating in school violence.  Among them, the most serious is the incident of Soojin ((G) I-DLE). More and more negative details against Soojin have appeared, while management company CUBE remained silent after a denial.  The public boycott also became apparent, especially through (G) I-DLE’s latest song, Hwaa.

Digital music is the strength of (G) I-DLE when the group owns many catchy songs.  Hwaa at the time of ít release also achieved impressive achievements.  The song was ranked 1st on Bugs chart, 1st on Genie chart, 4th on FLO chart for many hours on the first day of its release.  Hwaa is also the fastest song to receive 30,000 likes on Melon in the history of (G) I-DLE (1 day and 5 hours).

(G) I-DLE's digital achievement dropped

However, at the time of the outbreak of Soojin’s school violence scandal, the song’s performance showed signs of decline in the digital music segment.  The total stream of Hwaa also hit the bottom.  The public has really turned their back on (G) I-DLE!

(G) I-DLE's digital achievement dropped

Knetizens’ comments on Hwaa’s digital music results:

 – The female group lives on the support of the public.  If they get caught up in a scandal, the public will definitely turn their back on them

 – This scandal is so serious that people who don’t care about Kpop around me even know …

– Save Jeon Soyeon, please!

– I don’t want to listen to their music anymore!

– Soojin has destroyed (G) I-DLE!

If both CUBE and Soojin continue to remain silent in the face of the allegations, it is feared that (G)I-DLE will continue to suffer undesirable consequences.

(G) I-DLE's digital achievement dropped

sources: kenh14

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