G-Dragon leaves “4 meaningful letters” after investigation

On Nov 6th, G-Dragon posted on Instagram a message that reads, “事必歸正.” This idiom suggests that no matter what happens, things will eventually return to their rightful state.

The accompanying text in G-Dragon’s post further explains the meaning: “In the beginning, right and wrong may not be clearly distinguished, and wrongdoings may prevail temporarily, but ultimately, everything will return to its rightful state.

It is speculated that G-Dragon is once again asserting his innocence regarding the drug use allegations that have surrounded him after completing the police investigation.

As previously reported, G-Dragon voluntarily appeared at the Incheon Metropolitan Police Agency’s Drug Crime Investigation Department at around 1:25 PM on the same day. After undergoing a 4-hour investigation, he stood in front of reporters at around 5:20 PM.

G-Dragon said, “I actively submitted all the necessary statements and samples for the investigation. I answered truthfully.”

When asked about his position of innocence, he replied, “I shouldn’t change it, right?

He also mentioned that he tested negative in the simple drug test and an urgent detailed examination was requested. He expressed the hope that the investigative agency would release the results promptly.

G-Dragon explained that he did not submit his mobile phone, saying, “I told them I’ll submit it later if there’s a need.” Regarding additional summons for investigation, he responded, “If they summon me, of course I have to come.

After the 4-hour investigation, G-Dragon humorously said, “I ended up laughing.” He remarked “It’s a joke” and continued, “I hope the investigative agency will announce the results quickly.”

He added, “Many people are watching. I hope they won’t worry too much. I hope they trust and wait for the results.” G-Dragon gave a 90-degree bow to reporters before getting into his car and leaving the police station.

g dragon

G-Dragon was previously investigated back in 2011 for illegally smoking marijuana, but received a suspended indictment.

Currently, there are a total of 10 individuals being investigated for drug use allegations by the Incheon Metropolitan Police Agency, including G-Dragon and actor Lee Sun-kyun (48).

In September, the police initiated the investigation when they received intelligence about drug distribution at an adult entertainment establishment in Gangnam, Seoul, resulting in G-Dragon and Lee Sun-kyun being among the four individuals criminally booked.

Source: Wikitree

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