Former EXO member Tao spotted in the hospital’s emergency room late at night, “He looked really painful”

Chinese singer Tao (Huang Zitao), who used to be active as a member of the boy group EXO, was seen in the emergency room early in the morning of March 29th.

Chinese media Sohu Dotcom reported that Tao was spotted in the emergency room with 4 to 5 people this morning. While waiting for medical treatment in the hospital’s waiting room, Tao, who was wearing a hat and mask, leaned against the table and bowed his head. Other people stroked Tao’s back one after another. The media added that Tao looked very painful.


Meanwhile, some fans posted on online communities that Tao’s condition was “not serious”. It is said that he left the hospital after taking a CT scan and getting IV fluids. The reason why Tao came to the emergency room is still unknown.


Tao, who debuted as a member of EXO, filed a lawsuit against SM Entertainment in 2015 and terminated his exclusive contract. He left the group then went back to China and carried out activities as a singer and actor. Tao is currently in the middle of a drama filming.

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