Forbes Said ‘BlackPink is Paving the Way for K-pop’

However, many internet users oppose Forbes’ assessment that BlackPink paved the way for K-pop in the global market.

On August 15th, Forbes published an article evaluating BlackPink’s impact on the music industry. In the article, the magazine praised the four YG Entertainment girls with glowing remarks.


“With each passing year, Blackpink’s status within the music industry grows. They were already a global sensation, and recent endeavors have catapulted them even further into the spotlight. All four members have embarked on successful solo careers, with each demonstrating their musical talents and distinct artistry. All the attention paid to each single and collection they dropped only further helped cement Blackpink itself as a powerhouse name in the industry,” the article quoted.

Regarding BlackPink’s contributions to the K-pop industry and global music, Forbes wrote:

“Blackpink’s impact on today’s global music business cannot be overstated. They were trailblazers who introduced K-pop to a worldwide audience before many of their contemporaries. The group’s earlier successes in the United States have paved the way for subsequent K-pop acts to gain traction on Western charts, and there are now many succeeding who follow in their wake.


Over the years, the Western world has grown more receptive to K-pop, and an increasing number of South Korean musical acts are making their names known and earning top chart placements. As audiences become more attuned to the genre’s unique sound and cultural nuances, language barriers have become less of a hindrance.”

Following the article, the phrase “BlackPink paved the way” became a global trend. On Twitter, numerous fans agreed with Forbes. They declared that the success and influence of BlackPink is beyond dispute.

However, some K-pop fans on the internet doesn’t share the same view. They believe that while BlackPink is indeed one of the most successful K-pop groups in history, they were not the pioneers or trailblazers for Korean music’s global outreach.

Numerous counterarguments to Forbes’ claims were left on online forums:

  • “We’re back with nonsense again. The first and second generations paved the way, the rest just need to get on the train,”
  • “I’ve seen performances by Big Bang, Hyolyn, Zico, and Epik High in Europe, and I feel saying BlackPink paved the way is an overstatement. Not to mention, they have only a few songs. Most of the buzz they generate today comes from fashion and dating rumors. I say this as a true BlackPink fan,”
  • “BlackPink and BTS made K-pop more famous in the Western region, but they didn’t pave the way for K-pop to reach a global audience,”
  • If we’re talking about the second generation of idols, 2NE1 and Big Bang paved the way for Korean music to approach the Western market,
  • They’re not trailblazers; artists like Psy, BoA, Big Bang, 2NE1, Wonder Girls, and SNSD laid the foundation. BTS followed and plowed the path, especially in the U.S.,”
  • “It seems the author of the article is a Blink (BlackPink fan),”
  • “I’m wondering if they paid for this article?,”
  • “What did they pave the way for, exactly? If we’re talking about international success, isn’t that BTS?”
  • “It must be said that BlackPink is the group that paved the way. They debuted as successors to 2NE1. Before they reached international fame, BTS accomplished that. Their success owes a lot to the media,”
  • “Before their debut, Psy’s ‘Gangnam Style’ was already a global hit.”
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