Fans wonder why Jennie didn’t come with BlackPink members to New York Fashion Week

The fashionista of BlackPink is nowhere to be found in the airport.

On September 9th, three BlackPink members, Lisa, Jisoo and Rosé were spotted at Incheon International Airport. The girls were reportedly going to the U.S to take part in New York Fashion Week and Vogue Magazine pictorial shooting.

Rosé attracted much attention for her ombré hair and unique outfit with an oversized fur coat, a mini bag, and white shoes, while Jisoo looked beautiful in her black short skirt.

Lisa wore a comfortable outfit with jeans, a white T-shirt and a black jacket.

It is reported that the members of BlackPink will have different individual activities in America. Lisa will go to an event held by Michael Kors while Rosé becomes the new brand ambassador for COACH.

Jennie’s absence makes many fans confused, as she doesn’t go to fashion events with other members recently. However, it is explained that since Jennie has signed an exclusive contract with Chanel, she is not allowed to shoot for other brands.

Source: iOne

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