T-ara Hyomin quickly explains her controversial ‘Ilbe’ post

T-ara member Hyomin posted an explanation for her use of “Ilbe” expressions.

Earlier on March 8th, Hyomin uploaded a post on her Instagram story and was criticized for using “Ilbe” expressions. 


After deleting the controversial post, she released an explanation, saying “I thought they were dialectal words that meant something like ‘이게 머선129’ (which sounds like ‘What the heck is this?’ in Korean). I will be careful from now on.”


In the post earlier, Hyomin showed a picture of herself and added the caption, “I got the inspiration after seeing a fashion show yesterday. The skirt is already short, but I think it should be shorter”.


What’s problematic was that she used the ending tag “-no” and the expression “-igi”, which are parts of the Gyeongsang dialect. However, these words are normally used by netizens in ‘Ilbe’, an extreme right-wing online community, to insult and disparage former President Roh Moo Hyun.

Source: Wikitree

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