Fans Complain about HYBE’s New Girl Group: “Literally NewJeans x TXT” 

According to fans, HYBE are “overusing” the same concept from NewJeans and TXT for their upcoming girl group, I’LL-IT. 

On February 25, HYBE’s subsidiary Belift Lab released the official logo film for their upcoming girl group, I’LL-IT, drawing attention. 

In the logo film, I’LL-IT can be seen wearing Y2K-inspired clothing, at the same time boasting a pixel-inspired logo. 

i'll it thumbnail

As a result, netizens were reminded of NewJeans’ Y2K concept and TXT’s pixelated logo, prompting discussion about HYBE “overusing” the same concepts for its group. 

One netizen even took to the SNS platform X (formerly Twitter), calling I’LL-IT to be “HYBE’s 3rd group with this concept”. The Tweet has since received over 13,000 likes and over 1 million views, with most comments agreeing with the original author. 

Below are some netizen’s comment complaining about HYBE’s lack of creativity when it comes to concepts: 

  • It’s literally NewJeans x TXT, bye
  • What NewJeans did was so fresh and unique but Hybe just keeps copy pasting that on every new group and it doesn’t feel fresh at all
  • I knew they’d be coquette NewJeans at best
  • It’s giving TXT debut

On the other hand, many argue that this is just the logo film for I’LL-IT, and the girl group’s actual concept maybe completely different. 

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