Idols Who Rushed Back To Stage Upon Being Announced As Award Winners While On Their Way To The Restroom

Stray Kids 3RACHA faced an unpredictable situation at the recent 2023 Asian Artist Awards

Stray Kids attended the 2023 Asian Artist Awards (AAA) held at the Philippines Arena, the Philippines on December 14th. At the award ceremony, Stray Kids’s unit 3RACHA (Bang Chan, Changbin and Han) won Best Creator.

The moment 3RACHA members were announced as the winners of Best Creator, they were on their way to go to the restroom backstage because they did not expect to win that award.

Stray Kids 3RACHA

Upon hearing their name, the members immediately ran back to their seats then went upstage to receive the trophy and deliver an acceptance speech.

After rushing to the stage at full speed, 3RACHA members shared, “As singers who perform on stage, it is such a new experience for us to receive this award. We’re always happy to be able to make songs for Stray Kids as members of the group. Thank you for giving us such a great award.”

Stray Kids 3RACHA

They continued, “We want to thank our PD and family for trusting us and loving Stray Kids’s music. Thank you to the members who make our music shine even more. We are grateful to STAY who always wait for us to release new music and love us. We will introduce music that you can look forward to in the future”.

After the award ceremony, member Han went on the communication platform and shared a behind-the-scenes story with fans. He said, “We were about to go to the restroom for a while, then they called out the name 3RACHA so we ran back quickly. I was very surprised”, drawing laughter.

Meanwhile, the 2023 AAA was hosted by IVE’s Jang Won-young, Kang Daniel, and Zerobaseone’s Sung Han-bin.

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