Park Gyuri promotes KARA’s first comeback in 7 years with a group poster, “Please control the slackened K-pop” 

KARA’s Park Gyuri promoted the group’s long-awaited comeback.

On November 4th, Park Gyuri posted a group photo of KARA on her Instagram story.

Multiple lines written on the poster Gyuri posted read, “Legend of the 2nd generation girl group”, “We are glad KARA is here”, “We are only waiting for unnies. Please properly control the slackened K-pop discipline.”


On October 18, Park Gyuri also promoted KARA’s comeback with a group photo. She said, “Everyone waited a long time. There is not much time left,” in the caption.

She also made headlines on October 28th when she posted a photo of her showing off her sleek jawline and sharp features ahead of KARA’s comeback.

Park Gyuri

Meanwhile, KARA is set to release an album in celebration of the 15th anniversary of their debut on November 29th. KARA’s upcoming full album is their first album in 7 years. Their latest release, the 7th mini album, was released in May 2015.

Source: dispatch

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