Fans are excited to see Suzy’s image change with a smoking scene in “Lee Doo-na!”

Nation’s first love Suzy has shown an unconventional image transformation

On September 21st, Netflix Korea’s official YouTube channel released the teaser trailer of the drama “Lee Doo-na!” starring Suzy and Yang Se-jong, drawing explosive attention from fans.

“Lee Doo-na” is a romance drama based on the webtoon of the same name. In this drama, Suzy plays the role of “Doo-na,” who retires after leaving her days as a colorful K-pop idol.

Alongside Suzy, Yang Se-jong plays Won-jun, an ordinary college student who couldn’t take his eyes off Doo-na, whom he met at the share house.

The released trailer shows Won-jun’s eyes as he looks at Doo-na enjoying the morning sunlight from afar.

Won-jun, who was looking at Doona without realizing it, shakes his head to retreat his gaze that keeps going.

At the same time, Suzy surprised fans when spotted holding a cigarette in her hand in the video.

Fans who saw Doo-na actively approaching Won-jun while smoking in the preview video were surprised, leaving comments such as “Nation’s first love Suzy’s unconventional transformation,” “I’m completely curious how it will come out on the show,” and “Suzy is smoking?!”

“Lee Doo-na” consists of a total of nine episodes and will be released on Netflix on October 20.

Fans expressed their expectations on how Suzy, dubbed the “people’s first love,” will get another modifier in the drama.

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