FIFTY FIFTY Keena Donates 10 Million Won from Music Revenue

Keena of FIFTY FIFTY has exerted positive influence through a donation for the independent youth

On December 4, the Korean Red Cross announced that Keena, a member of girl group FIFTY FIFTY, has donated 10 million won (approx 7000 USD) to support independent youth (children who have exited the protective custody system).


This donation comes as Keena received the settlement money from Keena’s first music revenue, as she learned about the support activities of the Korean Red Cross for independent youth. Keena eventually decided to join the cause, expressing support for the new beginnings and dreams of independent youth.

In response to Keena’s request, the Korean Red Cross plans to use the donated funds for programs that enhance the self-reliance capacity of independent youth. In particular, the organization provides tailored items and mental stability programs to assist independent youth’s psychological well-being and help these youth establish their independence.


“I would like to thank everyone for giving me the opportunity to help in a meaningful place,” Keena said about the donation, adding, “I hope that teenagers in front of the harsh world will never give up their dreams and continue to challenge themselves.”

Meanwhile, Kim Cheol-su, the chairman of the Korean Red Cross remarked, “I would like to express my gratitude to Keena for supporting young individuals who start standing alone, enabling them to unfold their dreams and confidently lead independent lives as healthy members of society.”

Source: Nate

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