Fan Bingbing made a surprise appearance in the Korean drama “Insider”

Chinese actress Fan Bingbing appeared in the trailer of “Insider.”

At the end of JTBC “Insider” latest episode, which aired on July 20th, the preview video of its 14th episode was released briefly. The video immediately caught the attention as it showed Fan Bingbing appearing with several members of the organization. In particular, Fan Bingbing still amazed many with her splendid beauty.

Fan Bing Bing

Earlier, Fan Bingbing already announced her special appearance in “Insider.” She arrived in Korea in February and finished filming, but it is still unknown what role Fan Bingbing played or what story were behind her casting.

As a result, viewers are increasingly curious about how Fan Bingbing will appear in “Insider.” In this regard, the production team of “Insider” said, “Please check out Fan Bingbing’s appearance through the broadcast.”

Fan Bing Bing

Meanwhile, “Insider” is a story about Kim Yo-han (played by Kang Ha-neul), a judicial trainee who fell into the abyss during an infiltration investigation, struggling to win back his lost fate.

Fan Bing Bing

Fan Bingbing, who debuted with the drama “The Daughter of the Emperor” in 1998, was involved in a tax evasion scandal in 2018 and was even rumored to be missing and dead. After temporarily suspending her activities, she resumed her activities in 2019.

Source: Insight

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