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Korea’s first same-sex program… wavve’s “Merry Queer” teaser trailer was finally released

A reality program for the general public, which features same-sex love and coming-out stories, appeared for the first time in Korea.

The OTT (over the top) platform wavve released a teaser trailer for Korea’s first reality coming-out romance “Merry Queer”.

In the trailer, various LGBTQ+ couples appeared, drawing attention. Although they are a little different from others, they show their respect and love for each other in their own way.

Shin Dong-yup, Hong Seok-cheon and Hani joined “Merry Queer” as MCs. They will be active as messengers who observe and sympathize with the daily lives of various couples.

wavve said, “OTT is an alternative platform that actively reflects the increasingly diverse tastes of users. We plan to introduce not only ‘Merry Queer’ but also men’s dating reality show ‘Stranger’s Love’. These two programs will show LGBTQ+’s love and reality as they are, and will derive various discourses. We hope that these issues will develop into healthy forums for conversation.”

Meanwhile, Korea’s first reality coming-out romance “Merry Queer”, which depicts the challenges of various couples towards confident love and marriage, will be unveiled for the first time on wavve at 11 AM on July 8th.

Source: wikitree

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