Hyuna Explains Why She Joined Ex-boyfriend’s Agency, “There’s Another World I Didn’t Know About”

Singer Hyuna confessed the backstory of her joining AT AREA

The documentary “AT AREA PRESENTS Documentary: Girl with Attitude” about Hyuna will be revealed on Hyuna’s official YouTube channel at 8 p.m. on November 24th. Fans will be able to see Hyuna’s aspect as an artist after becoming a member of AT AREA led by GrooveRoom.

The documentary trailer released earlier shows Hyuna’s passionate appearance when focusing on her work, including scenes of her profile image shoot and choreography practices for “Attitude” performance, raising fans’ expectations for the full documentary.


In the trailer, Hyuna said, “While working with people in AT AREA, I realized there was another world I didn’t know about. It was really interesting here”, expressing her feelings about the new environment.

In addition, Hyuna shared, “I feel like my energy is getting better. I have lived my life thinking that music is separated into music people watch and listen to. And I thought I was doing music that people watch”.

She added, “I’m also the artist who makes music people listen to. This is the thrill of feeling I want to present to my fans”, showing her determination while working on “Attitude”.

Joining AT AREA, Hyuna’s future activities and musical synergy are highly anticipated as she will be working under the lead of GroovyRoom. “Attitude” is the comeback that marks Hyuna’s new start.

Explaining Hyuna’s first project “Attitude”, GroovyRoom said, “Creating a new version of Hyuna. Creating the AT AREA version of Hyuna is our ultimate goal”.

“Attitude” performance video, which was released to commemorate her joining AT AREA, has gained huge love from global fans who are looking forward to Hyuna’s new music. Hyuna is expected to draw attention again through this documentary containing her worries, aspirations, and meaningful challenges as an artist.

Source: Daum

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