K-netizens Were Shocked At JYJ Kim Jae-joong‘s Unbelievable Stalker Story

The story told by Kim Jae-joong is going viral

On October 23, a post was made on the popular Korean online community theqoo with the title, “Kim Jae-joong told stories of the stalkers he had to endure for 12 years.”

In this post, the netizen posted the link and captured photos of one episode of “Kim Jae-joong’s Nighttime Workshop,” which was broadcast on May 13, 2021.

In this episode, Kim Jae-joong recalled the times he encountered crazy sasaeng fans, who became a threat to his safety, making him move houses one after another continuously for 12 years.

In particular, these sasaeng fans came into his house, took pictures and sent it to him, kept staring at him from the balcony of the opposite house, knocked on his door at night, applied to be a delivery guy and quitted right after meeting him, etc.

Fortunately, these extreme actions were said to have stopped after the idol went to the military. Thus, he doesn’t need to move all the time anymore.

Upon reading the post, netizens have left comments expressing their shock and disgust, along with praises for Kim Jae-joong’s strong mentality.

As of October 24, the original post has gathered approximately 30,000 views and countless comments.

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