Nam Joo Hyuk showed real reaction to the final version of his movie, which will finally be released after 2 years

Actor Nam Joo Hyuk expressed his feelings ahead of the release of his movie “Remember”.

On the afternoon of October 12th, a press preview and press conference for the movie “Remember” was held at CGV Yongsan I’Park Mall in Yongsan-gu, Seoul. Actors Lee Seong Min Lee, Nam Joo Hyuk, and director Lee Il Hyung attended the event.

Nam Joo-hyuk

“Remember” is a movie depicting the story of an Alzheimer’s patient, Han Pil Ju (Lee Seong Min), who seeks revenge after 60 years, and goes in search of the pro-Japanese people who caused the death of his entire family. Meanwhile, the young innocent guy In Gyu (Nam Joo Hyuk), who is in his 20s, unintentionally gets involved in this revenge plan.

At the event, Nam Joo Hyuk said, “It was so good that I was looking forward to the day I went to the filming site myself. I worked hard on the set.” Nam Joo Hyuk, who assumes the role of In Gyu, also expressed, “I finally get to see ‘Remember’ for the first time after two years. When I was filming,  I thought about how to do well from Ingyu’s perspective. I personally enjoyed watching the movie.”

Nam Joo-hyuk

The actor then added, “A lot of time has passed, so when I look at my appearance in the movie, I thought I looked very young on the screen.” On the other hand, “Remember” will be released in cinemas on October 26th.

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