Current situation on the Instagram account of Yoo Ah In amid suspicions of taking Propofol and marijuana

While Yoo Ah In is being investigated by the police on charges of habitually administering Propofol, comments on his Instagram are drawing attention

An article titled “What’s happening on the Instagram account of Yoo Ah In who is suspected of taking drugs” was recently posted on the online community FMKorea.

The article contains screenshots of Yoo Ah In’s Instagram account. In particular, the pictures show the situation of fans leaving supportive messages for Yoo Ah In on Instagram, drawing attention.

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A netizen defended Yoo Ah In, saying “I remember your appearance when suffering from insomnia a few years ago on an entertainment program”, adding “You might have been enduring stress or depression that we can’t see through the screen”. 

Yoo Ah-in

They continued, “In fact, some states in the U.S. and places like Thailand or Amsterdam have legalized the use of XXX. It’s a pity that it is still considered a bad thing in Korea”, adding “People are so mean when they criticize you although it was your individual choice and you did not harm anyone. I think celebrities who commit school violence and sexual assault are 100 or 1000 times worse”.

Yoo Ah-in

In addition, other fans commented, “Everyone makes mistakes in life. Live nicely and become a better person from now on”, “There are many people who support you. Stay strong”, “I understand the pain of people who often suffer insomnia and can’t sleep well. I think he just wanted to sleep well (that’s why he used drugs)”, “The only celebrity who makes me feel worried instead of disappointed. Let’s stay strong together”, “He’s precious to us. It will be alright”, “I’m rooting for you”, etc.

Source: wikitree

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