Song Kang Went Viral For Jaw-Dropping Visuals After Losing 10 KG

The appearance of Song Kang in his latest K-drama “My Demon” has become a hot topic

One of the hottest topics on social media right now is the incredibly attractive appearance of Song Kang in his latest K-drama “My Demon.” Despite only two episodes having aired so far, the show has already gained immense popularity, and Song Kang’s allure is a major contributor to its success.

song kang my demon

In the series, Song Kang assumes the role of Jung Gu-won, a demon who has lived for 200 years. He sustains his existence by convincing humans to sign contracts that fulfill their desires for the next 10 years, after which he will take their souls. Unlike the “non-human” characters commonly seen in Korean dramas, Jung Gu-won has a unique characteristic —he doesn’t loathe or feel discontent with his immortal life. In fact, Gu-won enjoys his powers and immortality, and is genuinely fearful of losing his demonic powers.

In the first two episodes, Song Kang’s Gu-won is both cool and humorous, dominating the screen and delighting the audience. While there are still some criticisms directed at the actor, the engaging storyline and Song Kang’s dashing appearance has captivated viewers’ hearts. In fact, compared to his previous works, Song Kang is facing less criticism this time around.

It is revealed that to play his role in “My Demon,” Song Kang lost up to 10kg, reducing muscle mass and enhancing the perfection of his face. Even the actor himself admitted to finding himself handsome for the first time when observing his appearance in “My Demon”.

Adding to his captivating looks, Song Kang’s impressive fashion collection that avoids the stereotypical image of a rigid CEO in “My Demon” has easily transformed every scene of his into a fashion runway.

Source: SBS, K14

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