LE SSERAFIM member Chaewon attacked by malicious comments from Japanese fans due to her Vlog content… Here is the reason

LE SSERAFIM’s Chaewon is being criticized by Japanese netizens for her action in a Vlog. It is because she used a Korean cosmetic brand.

The video titled “[FIM-LOG] Chaewon’s Vlog | Chaechae moving around diligently due to busy schedule” on the official Youtube channel of LE SSERAFIM was recently brought up. In particular, the scene where Chaewon removed her makeup received criticism from Japanese netizens.

Chaewon appeared in the Vlog video revealing her daily life moments, such as relaxing at an accommodation after filming a music video. In the scene where Chaewon removed her makeup, the names of the cosmetics brands she used were slightly revealed.

There were products from both Japanese and Korean brands. In particular, netizens found out the word “Dokdo” on a Korean product. Therefore, some Japanese netizens pointed out Chae-won’s anti-Japanese behavior and criticized her. 

le sserafim chaewon

*Dokdo is an island that is in a territorial dispute between South Korea and Japan. 

In addition, they also pointed out the part where Chaewon bragged about her hairpin with Japanese animation characters and said “Kawaii (Cute)” as an inconsiderate attitude while working with Japanese members Sakura and Kazuha.

Many Twitter users in Japan commented, “Compared to Chaewon who uses Dokdo product, Garam (a former member) is nice”, “It’s quite dangerous for Chaewon to use Dokdo product even when she’s working with Japanese members”, “I can’t understand why Chaewon uses Dokdo cleanser. This scene will encourage more anti-Japanese activities. I can’t believe it since her group even has Japanese members”, “She can use the Dokdo cleanser somewhere people can’t see it, but showing it on the screen like that is not okay. It can be considered an anti-Japanese action”, “I liked Chaewon but… that Dokdo cleanser…”, “I like Chaewon’s visual and her performance as an idol, but this Dokdo cleanser issue is preventing me from becoming a fan of her”, etc.

Source: insight

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