Married top star A caused a stir as he was reportedly accompanied by women working at entertainment establishments when playing golf in Japan

A top star, reportedly a married man in his 40s, was found to have played golf with women working at entertainment establishments in Japan.

According to an exclusive report by SBS Entertainment News, top star A enjoyed golf grounding with CEO B of a Korean entertainment company and two women in their 30s and 40s at a luxury golf resort in Chiba, Japan on the morning of October 31st. 

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These women are working at a Korean entertainment establishment in Akasaka, central Tokyo, Japan. It is known that they have worked with the visas achieved by the establishment of an immaterial corporation through a broker. In fact, it is illegal for Korean women without permanent residency to work at an entertainment establishment in Japan. 

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The day 4 people played golf was two days after the Itaewon crowd crush disaster in Seoul. It was during the time when major broadcasters canceled entertainment broadcasts and many artists postponed scheduled performances to join the national mourning period

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Accordingly, entertainment agency CEO B paid for the dinner, including golf and alcohol expenses, for four people with his company card.

CEO B explained, “It was a meeting with A to discuss the casting of a drama jointly produced by Korean and Japanese companies. I couldn’t cancel it out of a sudden because we made the appointment a month before that”.

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However, many people raised suspicions about whether an overseas golf round and dinner accompanied by women in entertainment establishments can be considered an ordinary business meal. 

In this regard, top star A explained, “I had no idea that those women are working in an entertainment establishment. B told me that they are his acquaintances and we met for the first time just before playing golf”, adding “Isn’t it normal to play golf ground and have a meal? That’s why we had dinner together and didn’t even go to the bar”.

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CEO B also said, “A female acquaintance was supposed to come with us, but she got sick so I told her to introduce women who can play golf and speak Japanese fluently”, adding “Although I belatedly realized that the idea might not be appropriate for a business meeting, I still agreed with the suggestion because I couldn’t communicate well and was also not familiar with the place.”

Source: Nate

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