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The reason why “Under The Queen’s Umbrella” Yoo Seon Ho suddenly called Yoo Se Yoon “dad” (“Radio Star”)

Actor Yoo Seon Ho, who stepped into stardom through “Under The Queen’s Umbrella”, appeared as a guest on “Radio Star.”

On MBC’s entertainment show “Radio Star,” which aired on Jan 4th, Yoo Seon Ho shared his pleasant stories alongside Kwon Sang Woo, Lee Min Jung and Kim Nam ee.

yoo seon ho radio star

In this episode, Yoo Seon Ho appeared as a rising star representing 2022. “I realize what popularity is after the drama ‘Under The Queen’s Umbrella’ became a success,” he said. “I’m grateful for the love.”

He also said he was impressed by Kwon Sang Woo’s representative movie, “Spirit Of Jeet Keun Do – Once upon a Time in High School.” Yoo added, “The movie was released when I was 3 years old,” shocking everyone by the surprising age difference.

yoo seon ho radio star

Yoo Seon Ho then revealed the behind-the-scenes stories of “Under The Queen’s Umbrella” and gave all the glory to actress Kim Hye Soo, who helped him a lot throughout the drama filming.

yoo seon ho radio star

He also added that Kim Hye Soo was older than his own mother, which is why they were able to give off such a real “mother-and-child” chemistry.

When Yoo Se Yoon was shocked to know that his wife and Yoo Seon Ho’s mother are the same age, Yoo Seon Ho made everyone laugh with his sensible answer, “Should I call you dad then?”

yoo seon ho radio star

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