Famous idol-turned-actress “I cut ties with a fellow actor”

Former Jewelry member-actress Yewon (real name Kim Yewon) revealed that she cut ties with a fellow actor after hearing blunt remarks from them

Yewon appeared as a guest on the Feb 19th broadcast of MBC’s “Escape: Stop Loss Agency Service”.

During the broadcast, Yewon cautiously mentioned a conflict that occurred with former actress Lee Tae-im in 2015.

She blamed herself, “After that incident, I felt like I had to do something when the atmosphere became quiet, so I would overreact and act out unnecessarily.”


Yewon expressed regret, “Later on, I would think ‘I shouldn’t have done that’ and regret my foolish behavior every time.

Furthermore, Yewon shared an experience of cutting ties with a fellow actor who was also an acquaintance. She explained that they were all attending a gathering to foster camaraderie, saying, “It was an opportunity to socialize with the director.

However, after the gathering ended, Yewon was taken aback when the fellow actor told her, “Can you really work with the director on the next project?

Yewon expressed her frustration, “At that moment, I wondered what I did wrong. The purpose of the gathering was not to discuss work but to foster friendship.”

She recalled how the fellow actor tried to justify their remarks by saying “I’m saying this for your own good“, which made her blame herself even more.

MC Kim Gura, who had been quietly listening to Yewon’s words, comforted her, “You did nothing wrong. That’s just their perspective.

Source: Wikitree

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