Taeyeon received a “Pepero Day” gift from aespa Winter and Karina… a beloved senior

Taeyeon, a member of Girls’ Generation (SNSD), received a cute gift from members of aespa.

On November 11th, Taeyeon revealed how she received sweets as a gift from aespa Winter and Karina for Pepero Day.

snsd taeyeon instagram

The female idol also put stickers of Winter and Karina’s faces on the gifts she had received, and drew a heart to convey how happy she was.

aespa taeyeon peperoday

In January, Taeyeon, Winter, and Karina strengthened their friendships as artists under SM Entertainment and debuted with the supergroup “Got the Beat”. 

GOT the beat

Taeyeon has always shown warm relationships with her juniors from the same agency, making her fans happy.

Source: nate

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