Dior, Cartier, and their intense competition to pamper BLACKPINK Jisoo

BLACKPINK Jisoo is the global ambassador for both Dior and Cartier, and received excellent treatments from both brands. 

Having debuted under YG Entertainment, Jisoo, alongside with her group BLACKPINK, has quickly established a stable footing in the Kpop industry. The group’s influence also extended past Kpop into other realms, most noticeable in fashion. For Jisoo, her gorgeous visuals and chic, classy vibes have garnered attention from many luxury brands. 

blackpink jisoo
Many luxury brands want Jisoo to represent them. 

Most recently, BLACKPINK Jisoo was named the Global Ambassador for the high-end jewelry brand Cartier. On their official site, Cartier basically showered their new ambassador with praises, even went as far as to say: “Intuitive, creative and free-spirited, who better than JISOO to embody the Cartier Panthère?”

blackpink jisoo
Jisoo was recently named Cartier’s Global Ambassador

However, Jisoo is also Global Ambassador for Dior, and the French luxury brand had quite the funny reaction to their ambassador’s new partner. 

In particular, after Cartier’s announcement, Dior immediately published to their official site Jisoo’s photos at their 2022 Fall fashion show, despite the show having ended almost a month ago. Even more obvious, Dior also mimicked Cartier with the caption: “Who better than JISOO to embody the modern femininity of Dior SS22 collection inspired by the 60s?”

blackpink jisoo dior
Dior published Jisoo’s photos on their official site in response to Cartier’s announcement. 
Dior Fall 2022 already ended around a month ago. 

Netizens also pointed out that this battle between Dior and Cartier has actually been around since way before Jisoo became Cartier’s new ambassador. In particular, Jisoo was invited to both the April 30th Dior Fall 2022 fashion show and the April 21st Cartier classical music concerto.  

Jisoo is said to be the reason why Dior held a fashion show in Korea after years. 
blackpink jisoo cartier
A week prior, the female idol was spotted at a Cartier event. 
blackpink jisoo elle
Sponsored by Cartier, Jisoo became the cover girl for Elle’s opening issue of 2021. 
blackpink jisoo dazed
Meanwhile, Dior pushed Jisoo onto the cover of Daze’s opening issue of 2022. 
Sometimes, the female idol would wear Dior clothes and Cartier accessories just to please both brands. 
According to Cartier, the brand will commence new promotional campaigns with Jisoo soon. 
blackpink jisoo dior
Meanwhile, Dior established their relationship with Jisoo by calling them and the idol “a perfect marriage”. 

As Global Ambassador for both brands, Jisoo truly make fans proud and excited whenever Dior and Cartier had to fight for her. 

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