An actress who is called “the kindest among celebrities” by her co-star  

This actress is famous for her sweet personality. 

After a long time, Han Ji Min revealed her current whereabouts on Instagram, drawing attention from netizens.

han ji min

On November 14th, she showed her gratitude for the birthday wishes and gifts she received by posting a photo with the caption, “Thank you always”. In the photo, Han Ji Min is posing in front of her numerous birthday presents.

han ji min

In particular, Han Ji Min was holding a cake while wearing an off-shoulder dress. Her lovely visuals make her look like a princess. 

Currently, Han Ji Min is filming JTBC’s new drama “Hip” (tentative title). “Hip” follows Ye Bun, a veterinarian with psychometric powers, and Jang Yeol, a hot-blooded detective. They fall in love with each other while solving crime cases in a town called Mujin in Chungcheong Province.

han ji min

Han Ji Min was once praised by actor Lee Seo Jin, her co-star in MBC’s drama “Lee San, Wind of the Palace”, that she is the nicest actress he knows. Hearing this, Lee Soon Jae also agreed. 

In fact, Han Ji Min has always been famous for her personality. There was a story about Han Ji Min’s past told by a netizen that went viral last year during the entertainment industry’s “Me Too” movement.

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A netizen posted photos of Han Ji Min’s elementary, middle, and high school graduation albums, proving that they were her alumni. They recalled, “Han Ji Min was the epitome of an upright model student during her school days. She was always in the top five in my class.”

han ji min

They added, “She could have gotten into most of the acting department because she was filming commercials at the time, but she studied hard because she wanted to go to the Department of Welfare at Seoul Women’s University.” 

han ji min

In particular, the netizen said, “There was a child in the class who suffered from intellectual disability. He didn’t wash up well and just muttered to himself. Everyone avoided him, but Han Ji Min was the only one who greeted him with a smile,” revealing her warm character.

han ji min

Han Ji Min is a celebrity who has a variety of beautiful anecdotes that reveal her kind personality. From the beginning of her debut until now, she has been steadily carrying out volunteer work. Since she took on the role of an independence fighter in the 2007 drama “Capital Scandal”, she has steadily done good deeds for comfort women, women who were forced into sexual slavery by the Imperial Japanese Military.

han ji min

Han Ji Min also stopped filming when her co-star, a supporting actress, suffered burns on her face during the filming of “Lee San”, to take her to the city and pay the taxi fare. 

Source: Daum

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