Dated 3 people at once? Further scandal of gay actor who slept with a minor

Prior to his recent controversies, Aaron Yan, who came out as gay, was accused of having dated 3 people simultaneously. 

Aaron Yan, an actor and former member of once-popular Asian boy band Fahrenheit, has been making headlines with his recent controversies. 

aaron yan

In particular, he was accused of having slept with a minor, even filming explicit tapes which were later leaked, as well as of making sexually harassing comments towards members of boy group TXT. 

The actor-singer has since admitted to the former accusation, at the same time explaining that he and the minor in question was in a consensual relationship.

Amid ongoing controversies, however, a past scandal, where Aaron Yan was accused of dating 3 men at once, was brought up. In particular, a Taiwanese media outlet revealed photos of Aaron Yan making intimate gestures, from hugging to kissing, to 3 different men, and claimed that these were all from the same time. To make matters worse, the 3 “alleged lovers” of Aaron Yan all know each other. 

Responding to such an accusation, Aaron Yan responded that the intimate gestures were merely “teasing” and “jokes” among his circle in a private setting. He also asked the public to “not exaggerate” the relationship between them. 

However, Aaron was faced against a strong wave of backlash, and eventually came out as gay. He also apologized to the affected people and admitted that he had feelings for the people in the photos, but denied accusations that he dated 3 of them simultaneously. 

Source: HHSB

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