Daily Mail U.K. Faces Backlash for Controversial BLACKPINK Post: Fans Slam Alleged Misogyny 

Daily Mail U.K. is currently facing backlash from BLACKPINK fans after a recent disrespectful post on X 

In the controversial post, the official account of  Daily Mail U.K. introduced BLACKPINK by stating, “You’d probably never heard of Korean K-pop sensation BLACKPINK before the King honored them. But here we reveal how starvation diets, daily weigh-ins, and huge pressure to have plastic surgery have left a dark specter behind the world’s biggest girl band.”

This comment has triggered a strong reaction from fans who are expressing their dissatisfaction. One commenter questioned, “Even The King appreciates BLACKPINK so why do you press on them? Do you despise female achievement?” 

Others pointed out Daily Mail U.K.’s history of negativity towards female artists, saying, “They consistently criticized Little Mix during their active years as a group, so this is not surprising. People in Daily Mail U.K. are misogynists.”

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Criticism extended beyond the specific post, with accusations of misogyny and racism. One fan expressed concern about the tone of the lead, saying, “The lead alone exhibits extreme misogyny and racism. I’d hate to see how the entire article was written.”

A fan emphasized, “If you do not know who BLACKPINK is, you must have been living in isolation.” Another fan criticized, “This is repulsive, weird, and blatantly misogynistic.”

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