“They drank alcohol until night…Are they really doing military service?”… Some celebrities are accused of receiving special treatment in the military

Celebrities, including Jang Ki-yong, who appeared in the military musical “Blue Helmet: A Song of Meissa”, are suspected of receiving special treatment while serving in the military.

A netizen recently made post exposing HOWFARMS, the production company of “Blue Helmet: A Song of Meissa”, on Twitter. The post was then shared to other online communities, such as FM Korea.

The post’s author A revealed, “The soldiers who appeared in ‘Blue Helmet: A Song of Meissa’ are enjoying unlimited personal days off except for the performance days as well as being allowed to use cell phones 24 hours a day”, adding “Photos of them drinking until night, which is not a thing that soldiers are allowed to do, are being posted on Kakaotalk every day”.

jang ki yong

In fact, soldiers can use their cell phones only from 6 p.m to 9 p.m after finishing their work on weekdays and from 8:30 a.m to 9 p.m on their days off.

A asked, “Are they really doing military service to protect the country?”, pointing at actor Jang Ki-young as one of the people they criticized.

Referring to the photos Jang Ki-yong released on his SNS, A said, “On August 7th, Jang Ki-yong’s birthday party was held at the hall in Jeonju, Jeollabuk-do where ‘Blue Helmet: A Song of Meissa’ was performed”, adding “Please explain why these soldiers were allowed to play freely like this.”

jang ki yong

In this regard, A explained the situation of Jang Ki-yong’s birthday party in a timeline. A claimed, “Jang Ki-yong’s birthday cafe event was held at a small cafe during his performance in Jeonju”, adding, “It was said that Jang Ki-yong visited the cafe on the morning of August 7th and held a fanmeeting at the birthday cafe event organized by his fans.”

“After going out with the unit manager and other soldiers to get supporting goods, Jang Ki-yong and his staff visited the event. Soldier Jang Ki-yong came to the birthday cafe event with his staff, held a fanmeeting with 20-30 fans, and greeted his family.”

jang ki yong

In an additional post, A said, “I know that you have practices on days other than the military musical performance days according to the serving period”, adding “However, as I reviewed the Kakaotalk stories, all the cast members of the musical are enjoying their personal days off”.

A said, “Don’t pretend you don’t know anything, the military musical actor and his fans. This is what they call ‘Military vacation’”, raising a public debate.

jang ki yong

If A’s claim is true, some soldiers who appear in musicals, including Jang Ki-yong, have violated military service regulations. In other words, there has been negligence in the military authority’s management of its personnel, and soldiers have forgotten their duty.

If celebrities are seen as receiving special treatment in doing military service, it would be considered cheating by other soldiers.

Source: wikitree

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