IVE Rei guides a tour to North Seochon and finds famous places to visit in early summer

Rei, a member of the girl group IVE, introduced a tour of hot places in North Seochon.

On June 15th, the Youtube channel “섭씨쉽도” uploaded the fifth episode of IVE Rei’s exclusive content “Follow REI”.

Before going to the first location in North Seochon, Rei met some DIVE (IVE’s fandom) and they had a short conversation. She smiled brightly and took some pictures with fans, creating a warm and friendly atmosphere.

ive rei

First, Rei entered a store full of props. She enthusiastically completed her shopping by carefully choosing a bag and a rabbit doll keychain.

After shopping, Rei felt hungry so she went to find a good restaurant. Arriving at a famous restaurant known for pork belly, she ordered the signature menu, which is pork belly wrap with vegetables. Before eating, Rei shows her side as a Gen Z idol by taking photos and introducing each dish. After tasting the pork belly, she couldn’t help but show admiration for the delicious dish.

After filling her stomach, Rei started shopping again. While walking down the quiet street, Rei said, “It would feel so nice if I come here in early summer”. She added, “You need to be careful for one thing. There are so many cars. You need to be careful, otherwise you will get hurt”.


The third place Rei visited was a cozy living shop. Going inside the store, she repeatedly exclaimed, “So beautiful”. While carefully examining useful and practical items, Rei also informed fans of her shopping guide, saying “There are many environmentally-friendly interior items. I recommend them to people who prefer a well-being lifestyle.”

At the end of the video, Rei said, “I will go to places I want when I want! You should do that too”. A short teaser of next week’s episode was also revealed, stimulating fans’ curiosity.

Meanwhile, IVE Rei’s first solo content “Following REI” is released every Thursday at 7 p.m.

Source: imbc

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