Current whereabouts of the actress whose fans opposed her idol debut because she was too pretty

This actress could have debuted in a girl group. 

Although Lee Sun Bin wanted to pursue further education, she couldn’t do so due to her family’s circumstances. Instead, she honed her skills in musicals through a theater troupe.

 Lee Sun Bin

However, as she reached her third year of high school, her impatience grew. She left her hometown of Cheonan, leaving a letter for her parents saying, “If I pass the audition, I will come back.” 

With that, Lee Sun Bin headed to Seoul. She successfully passed the audition and took her first step as a trainee for a female idol group, but unfortunately, her debut fell through.

 Lee Sun Bin

Afterward, she gained various experiences as a shopping mall model and a supporting actress in movies. In 2014, she landed a significant supporting role in a Chinese drama, which marked her official debut as an actress. She continued her activities in Korea as well.

Lee Sun Bin’s breakthrough in the domestic scene came in 2016 when she starred in OCN’s “Squad 38.” With her attractive appearance and stable acting skills, she caught the attention of viewers.

 Lee Sun Bin

During the same year, she appeared on Mnet’s “I Can See Your Voice Season 3,” showcasing her exceptional dancing and singing skills. Paradoxically, this became the decisive factor that prevented her from debuting as a girl group member.

It was because fans opposed her idol debut. Eventually, Lee Sun Bin chose the path of an actress rather than debuting in a girl group. On a broadcast, she revealed her aspiration to become a long-lasting actress, emphasizing that “dancing is just my special talent.

 Lee Sun Bin

From comedy to serious acting, Lee Sun Bin continues to demonstrate her versatile acting skills. She is actively engaged in various projects. She also gains much attention as Lee Kwang Soo’s girlfriend.

Source: Daum. 

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