Taiwanese Singer Marries the World’s Most Beautiful Flight Attendant, Miss A’s Jia is a Bridesmaid 

Miss A’s Jia attended the private wedding of Wilber Pan and Luna Xuan

On December 1st, Luna Xuan, American-born Taiwanese singer Wilber Pan’s wife and a former flight attendant of China Eastern Airlines, shared private wedding photos on her social media. The couple held a private wedding at a 5-star hotel in Bali on November 29th.

Wilber Pan also expressed gratitude to everyone who congratulated them and shared a group photo of their wedding guests. Netizens were delighted to discover that one of Luna’s bridesmaids was Jia, a former member of Miss A. Singers Rainie Yang, Shin, and well-known producer Wang Leehom also attended the wedding as guests.

Ban Yubai

Wilber Pan and Luna Xuan requested that guests not share wedding-related photos online. They explained that they wanted to be the first to share photos from the wedding day, expressing.

Upon seeing the wedding photos, netizens left comments such as “Truly beautiful,” “The scenery and the couple are both beautiful,” and “Wow, the wedding of the world’s most beautiful flight attendant and a fantastic singer!” 

Wilber Pan and Luna Xuan reportedly held this wedding three years after getting married. Wilber Pan was previously embroiled in controversy over the illegal plagiarism of Freestyle’s “Y (Please Tell Me Why),” facing a copyright infringement lawsuit of $7.7 million. Luna Xuan gained popularity in the past with the nickname “the world’s most beautiful flight attendant.” 

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