Park Eun-bin “It was actually a lonely time while filming ‘Extraordinary Attorney Woo'”

Actress Park Eun-bin shared her thoughts ahead of the airing of “Castaway Diva”

Park Eun-bin’s Harper’s Bazaar pictorial was unveiled on Oct 18th. In this pictorial, Park Eun-bin showcased the elegant and charismatic look of her character in “Castaway Diva” as the drama’s airing date approaches.

Park Eun-bin

During the interview, when asked about the reason for choosing the role of Seo Mok-ha in the drama, Park Eun-bin explained, “I had a lot of time to reflect on my inner side after enduring it alone while filming ‘Extraordinary Attorney Woo’. It was actually a lonely time. Along the way, I saw this script, and it seemed like Mok-ha would be able to handle the difficult aspects of ‘human’ Park Eun-bin quite well. I received many good offers, but at that time, I wanted to get Mok-ha’s strength.”

Park Eun-bin

When questioned about dramatic moments in her life, much like how aspiring singer Seo Mok-ha had her moment on stage after 15 years of being stranded on a deserted island, Park Eun-bin replied, “I believe it was probably when I won the Grand Prize at the Baeksang Arts Awards this year. I had no expectations, so even the time it took to deliver the acceptance speech felt very long. At that moment, a fleeting thought crossed my mind, ‘I had dreamed of such a day.’ I had never acted with an award as my goal, but since I was young, I vaguely wished to become an adult worthy of receiving the Grand Prize. On that day, I recalled the feelings I had forgotten.

Source: Nate

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