NewJeans’ Style Evolution Sparks Mixed Reactions: From Friendly Girl Next Door to “2NE1 Vibes”?

Is NewJeans shifting from their fresh teen girl to edgy styling reminiscent of 2NE1?

Many Korean netizens seem to think that NewJeans‘ current style is the opposite of their debut style, which made them popular in the first place. 

NewJeans is without doubt one of the most loved K-pop girl groups at the moment. They initially blew up with their fresh, natural, and cute vibes, giving off the “girl-next-door” charm, paired with catchy songs. Their concept quickly earned them recognition in Korea and beyond.

NewJeans’ usual style has been all about Y2K fashion and natural makeup looks, highlighting the members’ youthful and pure visuals. However, there’s been a recent shift in NewJeans’ style. 

The members wear bolder makeup, have their hair styled excessively, and are dressed in more edgy outfits. NewJeans’ recent appearance at the 2023 Melon Music Awards has been drawing comparisons to 2NE1.


Many Korean netizens are saying they miss NewJeans’ original style through comments such as “One of the reasons why NewJeans hit big right from their debut is because they looked natural and cute. But now, I feel like their styling is a bit too much. NewJeans look naturally pretty and young, so I don’t think they need to go for such elaborate makeup.” This sentiment is gaining support among netizens.

Nevertheless, there are also fans who believe that an evolution in styling is necessary for any idol group. Sticking to one style for too long might make the group seem dull and outdated in the eyes of the public.

Source: K14

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