BTS’s Japan Fanclub Puts Ads On Defense Daily’s Front Page To Cheer On Jin and Korean soldiers

BTS’s Japanese fans celebrated Jin’s first enlistment anniversary on the front page of K-Forces Defense Daily

On October 27th, BTS’s Japan fanclub booked an advertisement to show support for Jin, who is serving in the military, and the Korean Armed Forces on the front page of the K-Force Defense Daily.

In the advertisement at the bottom of the front page, BTS’s Japan fanclub left a message, saying “We would like to express our respect and appreciation for the dedication of Korean soldiers who are contributing to the protection of peace and stability on the Korean Peninsula. Japanese ARMYs (BTS’s fan club) will continue to celebrate Jin’s enlistment anniversary”.

BTS’s Japan Fanclub Puts Ads

K-Force Defense Daily is a daily newspaper published by the Defense Media Agency under the Ministry of National Defense mainly for South Korean soldiers.

Jin enlisted in the military in December last year. He was selected as an honorary soldier and promoted to corporal in July this year, two months earlier than ordinary soldiers. Jin is currently serving in the Army Division 5.

BTS’s Japan Fanclub Puts Ads

On June 13th, BTS’s Korean fans posted an advertisement on K-Force Defense Daily to celebrate BTS’s 10th debut anniversary. It was the first time a celebrity advertisement was published in the Defense Daily. The advertisement at that time showed Jin wearing clothes with purple color, which symbolizes ARMY, along with messages, such as “To all the proud Korean soldiers, thank you for your dedication and hard work. We are rooting for the soldiers”.

Korean netizens were amazed to see the advertisement by BTS’s Japan fanclub. It is because Korea and Japan used to have wars but Japanese fans still show support for the the Korean Armed Forces. Some commented, “Japanese fans are working so hard. They’re taking care of all the anniversaries”, “This appeared on the news a few minutes ago”, “I think it’s more meaningful since Japanese fans did it. Congratulations on your first enlistment anniversary. I’ll watch ‘The Astronaut’ music video”, etc.

Source: Slist

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