Charlie Puth wrote a song while having s**? Shocking confession ahead of Korea concert 

Famous pop star Charlie Puth revealed that he was in the middle of having sex while writing a song from his latest album.

On June 13th, Interview Magazine published an interview with pop star Charlie Puth, who revealed the behind-the-scenes story behind his songs.

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On that day, the male singer confessed that the song “Marks on Your Neck”, which is included in his latest album “Charlie”, was created during sexual intercourse.

In particular, Charlie Puth confessed, “I wrote the song in the middle of the act, maybe I should have focused on the act a little bit more, but the melody just kind of popped into my head and I actually had stopped and recorded a little quick voice note and then had to get back into the act.”

charlie puth

“That’s where that melody came from. I was getting over somebody and what better way [to do that] than meet new people?”, he added. 

The pop star also elaborated, “It probably wasn’t going to work out with this person and that was what I was energetically picking up, which is okay. It’s all about the experience. And I remember waking up and looking at myself in the mirror, noticing these marks on my neck, and every day they’d heal and fade but so would the person who put them on me. And we went our separate ways. I’m thankful for the experience and maybe they are as well but I just thought it was interesting that a person can fade away at the same pace of the scars on your neck.”

charlie puth

On the other hand, Charlie Puth also surprised people by mentioning in a phone call with the New York Post that he “have always loved being naked”, and often takes breaks in the backyard while being naked.

charlie puth

Meanwhile, Charlie Puth, who had two concerts in South Korea in 2016 and 2018, will hold his first concert in Seoul in five years, at the Olympic Park KSPO Dome on October 20th and 21st.

Source: New York Post, Interview Magazine, Insight

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