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Can Song Ji-hyo save “Running Man” after Jeon So-min’s withdrawal? “Beauty + actor mode on”

Song Ji-hyo showcases her solid acting skills by putting on actress mode on SBS’s “Running Man”

The recent recording involved a mission to recreate famous scenes that were talked about on the Internet. The legendary scenes filled with “joy, anger, sorrow, pleasure” from movies, dramas and entertainment shows left the members puzzled and tense as they tried to mimic them. They expressed their worries with comments like “How do we imitate this?“, “There are too many similar pictures. It’s difficult” and “We just need to focus on the key points.”

Haha and Yang Se-chan, with their experience in comedy sketches, added a touch of exaggeration to every expression. Ji Seok-jin, on the other hand, remained frozen with the same expression. He earned grievance from the members “It’s just Ji Seok-jin“, causing laughter. (G)I-DLE’s Miyeon, who showcased her acting skills through various web dramas, received high expectations. However, she made the members nag, “You need to put it down more” and “Lift your eyes higher!

Meanwhile, Song Ji-hyo fully immersed herself in acting, switching between expressions of anger, joy and sadness, heating up the atmosphere on the set. She then unleashed her professional mode with passionate direction, leaving the members impressed. They commented, “Ji-hyo is indeed different because she’s an actress“, “Ji-hyo is really just like in the original scene” and “She has rich expressiveness.” “Running Man” is scheduled to air at 6 PM on Oct 29th.

Source: Nate

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