“You are so pretty” Fans excited by the message Lee Jae Wook left under Go Yoon Jung’s recent post

Go Yoon Jung and Lee Jae Wook, who co-starred in tvN’s “Alchemy of Souls 2”, draw attention with their extraordinary friendship.

On January 9th, Go Yoon Jung posted a long article on her SNS account, saying “I read the script of ‘Alchemy of Soul’ for the first time in 2021”.

Recalling the filming, Go Yoon Jung said, “I can remember very clearly how excited I was when it came to the scenes where Naksu going around Gyeongcheon Great Lake and flying around Daeho. I’m sad that the drama is already over”, adding “‘Alchemy of Souls’ is a work that I will never forget for the rest of my life, and I appreciate all the time when I was Bu Yeon/ Naksu/ Cho Yeong”.

Lee Jae-wook Go Yoon Jung

The actress continued, “I learned many precious things through ‘Alchemy of Souls’ and personally grew up a little more”, adding, “I was really happy to be loved by many people. It was my honor to work with the director, writer, amazing staff members and actors in ‘Alchemy of Souls’. I hope all of my beloved people will always stay healthy and be happier this year. Thank you so much for loving ‘Alchemy of Souls’”

At the same time, Go Yoon Jung posted several photos taken with Lee Jae Wook, fellow cast members, crew, and staff, along with the caption, “I was happy. I love you all”.

Lee Jae-wook Go Yoon Jung

Lee Jae Wook, who saw the post, expressed his affection for Go Yoon Jung, saying, “I was grateful and happy because to know you as Bu Yeon, Naksu, and Cho Young. It must have been so hard to come in, but you did a great job. You are so sweet and pretty.”

Lee Jae-wook Go Yoon Jung

At the same time, he introduced Go Yoon Jung’s upcoming Disney+ drama “Moving” and said, “Please show a lot of interest in ‘Moving’”

In response, Go Yoon Jung created a warm feeling by leaving a comment that said, “Even showing support as the husband? You are so sweet.”

Lee Jae-wook Go Yoon Jung

Go Yoon Jung’s immersion in her “Alchemy of Souls” character, who is married to Lee Jae Wook’s character, got fans extremely enthusiastic.

The tvN drama “Alchemy of Souls”, which concluded on January 8th, is a fantasy romance drama in which a magic called “alchemy of souls” causes chaos in a fictional nation and entwines the fates of main characters. The series consists of 2 seasons, which are named “Alchemy of Souls” and “Alchemy of Souls: Light and Shadow”.

alchemy of souls

In the drama, Lee Jae Wook took on the role of Jang Wook, a classy but lazy boy from the Jang family. Meanwhile, Go Yoon Jung replaced Jung So Min – who played the female lead in season 1, and took on the role of Jin Bu Yeon, who has the soul of former assassin Naksu.

Source: wikitree

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