Kim Seon Ho described his portrayal in “The Childe” as “cringe-worthy”?

According to Kim Seon Ho, his big screen debut with “The Childe” has made him extremely self-conscious and scrutinizing. 

On June 13th, The Korea Times published an interview with famous actor Kim Seon Ho, who is currently promoting the upcoming movie “The Childe”, where he made his big screen debut. 

In particular, the actor started by stating that he “gasped audibly” at the sight of his performance in “The Childe”, adding that he felt “weird” to watch himself on the big screen. He also mentioned that he became self-conscious and would scrutinize his every single flaw, adding, “My English accent was so cringeworthy that I nearly leaped out of my seat.”

kim seon ho
Kim Seon Ho in “The Childe”. Photo: Studio& New

Afterwards, Kim Seon Ho expressed gratitude to director Park Hoon Jung for entrusting him with such a prominent role, saying that he tried his best “repay the trust and affection” that the director has for him.

In addition, the actor confessed that Park Hoon Jung has been like an older brother, who sometimes gives him advice and ceases his worries. 

It was also revealed that Park Hoon Jung told Kim Seon Ho about “Tyrant”, his next project, while filming “The Childe”, to which the latter read the script and happily took on a role. 


Finally, Kim Seon Ho expressed that he wanted the audience to view him as an actor who can be versatile with his role, adding, “I hope they don’t say things like ‘he was completely miscast.'”

On the other hand, Kim Seon Ho’s noir film “The Childe” will be released in Korea on June 21st.

The movie attracted a lot of attention as Kim Seon Ho’s first major project following a personal scandal in 2021. At the time, the actor’s former girlfriend accused him of coercing her into having an abortion, causing Kim Seon Ho to take a long hiatus. 

Over time, however, the accusations have been clarified, and Kim Seon Ho’s public image has been somewhat recovered.

Source: k14, The Korea Times

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