Unknown Actors Gained Popularity After “Squid Game”: One Rose To Stardom, One Became Office Worker

With the recent reveal of “Squid Game 2” cast, the actors who appeared in season 1 are making headlines again

At that time, as “the series ”Squid Game” enjoyed worldwide popularity, not only the main actors but also the supporting actors who only appeared for a few seconds received great attention.

The guard wearing a square mask, who appeared in the third episode, received keen attention. He was even nicknamed “Square Mask Guy” bothin Korea and abroad.

This character was played by actor Lee Jung-joon. The guard the played was brutally killed for violating the rule that “guards do not show their faces.”

Lee Jung-joon

In the drama, Lee Jung-joon took off his mask and showed his face on the screen for about 25 seconds. Even though he had no lines, his eye acting that conveyed emotions stood out. Thanks to this, the actors received tremendous attention from industry insiders as well as overseas fans.

In fact, his Instagram followers have grown as fast as the lead actors, surpassing 460,000. Hee became well-known as a scene stealer in “Squid Game,” which has received worldwide attention.

Lee Jung-joon

After the release of “Squid Game,” he became a rising star as he appeared in dramas such as “Cheer Up,” “The Interest of Love,” and “Celebrity.

After attracting attention with the mega-hit “Squid Game,” attention is being paid to what Lee Jung-joon can show in his next production.

Actor Christian Lagahit, who appeared in the fourth episode of “Squid Game,” gathered explosive popularity and became a star in his home country, the Philippines.

Christian Lagahit

Christian Lagahit appears as a participant number 276 in “Squid Game”, and he makes his first appearance as a member of Sung Ki-hoon (Lee Jung-jae)’s team in episode 4.

In this episode, Lagahit survived dramatically by playing tug-of-war with his teammates. He impressed viewers with his acting that portrayed hardships and adversity.

Christian Lagahit

Although he made his face known with “Squid Game,” the actor has actually appeared in numerous works so far. Lagahit, who came to Korea as an English teacher in 2015, had acted in the films ‘The Negation’, ‘Space Sweepers’ and the drama ‘Miss Lee.’

Christian Lagahit

After being known thanks to “Squid Game,” he made headlines for claiming that he faced racism as a Korean threw cabbage in his face on a bus.

Currently, he is known to be working as an office worker without any special acting activities.

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