The 25-second guy from Squid Game went viral over a new K-drama cameo, even surpassed the male lead

Remember when Squid Game was airing, and the audience got visual-shocked by the 25-second appearance of actor Lee Jung Joon, even making various memes over his scenes? 

Lee Jung Joon

It seemed that this short appearance worked like a charm for the actor, and after Squid Game, he has landed a total of 4 projects, playing 1 leading role, 1 supporting role, and 2 cameos. His most recent work is in the newly released ‘Tomorrow’, and here history has repeated itself. 

Lee Jung Joon
Lee Jung Joon
Lee Jung Joon

In ‘Tomorrow’, Jung Joon transformed into the younger version of the old man Lee Young Chun, who was traumatized from the war he participated in. However, during peacetime, this patriotic veteran was treated poorly by other people, and only got the respect he deserved after passing. All grim reapers lined up outside to honor this national hero, and for a moment, the man turned into his youthful form, before reuniting with his mother. Jung Joon’s brief appearance in this form was only a second long, yet was emotional enough to move the audience, 

Some comments from netizens: 

  • I thought he was familiar. Turns out it’s the guy from Squid Game
  • His brief smile was so gentle my heart was gone. His visuals have been working hard ever since Squid Game. 
  • I bawled my eyes out when he hugged his mother. This guy has got some serious talents.
  • Only a few seconds and he was already better than Rowoon. He deserves to be a main character
Lee Jung Joon
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