[PANN] iKON’s concert ticket sales seem to be a lie?

There were many empty seats in the audience area in iKON’s “Continue Tour” in Seoul last week, which was held in the Olympic Gymnastics Arena.

“Inside the Olympic Gymnastics Stadium”


Source: Pann

[+140, -40] I thought YG said their tickets were sold out in a blink of an eye… Was YG trying to media play or what?

iKON 6

[+115, -44] What?! The number of the empty seats must be thousands or so…

[+99, -58] Why couldn’t they fill up those empty spots? How bad…

[+64, -4] iKON ㅠㅠㅠㅠ


[+35, -37] They did their encore, then en-encore, then even en-en-encore, till that time all the non-fans had left. Half of the fans came without a lightstick because they were sold out, that is why the seats looked dark. iKON and we iKONIC are much happier than you, even without this kind of posts. Your life seems to be a lie. And here is a photo of their encore stage, where you can see even the bleachers in the third floor were filled.

[+29, -5] Really? Are you sure?


[+27, -2] Does it have to be full? What really matters is that the people who wanted to go went there and had fun. What is the reason for you to dwell on the real number of audiences?

[+23, -5] Here we go again. Do you ever get bored of doing this? It’s so annoying to deal with this kind of things.

[+19, -0] But is Olympic Gymnastics Arena really that small? Why does it look so small to me?

[+18, -15] Wanna One will have a concert there next month, too. But it’s sold out kkk.

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