“Business Proposal” star Kim Min Gyu confirmed to lead new drama “High Priest Rembrary”

Kim Min Gyu’s next drama after “Business Proposal” has been announced. 

On May 23rd, SPOTV News reported that Kim Min Gyu has confirmed his appearance as the main character in the new drama “High Priest Rembrary” (literal title). 

Kim min kyu

Adapted from the popular web novel “Holy Idol”, “High Priest Rembrary” is a fantasy romance drama that depicts what happens when the holy high priest Rembrary finds himself trapped in the body of an unpopular idol named Woo Yeon Woo. Kim Min Gyu will be taking on the role of Rembrary. After a battle with the Demon King who invaded the world, he wakes up in the body of a handsome idol. 

By transforming into an unknown idol struggling to become famous possessed by a god, Kim Min Gyu promises to capture viewers’ hearts with diverse sides of his acting, from comedy to romance. 

Kim Min Kyu-A Business Proposal

Kim Min Gyu recently became a rising actor and drew massive attention for playing the second male lead in the hit drama “Business Proposal”. Through his portrayal of secretary Cha in “Business Proposal”, Kim Min Gyu boasted his colorful charm, from his seriousness at work, cute, bubbly side when dating, to the irresistible sexiness as shown in the viral steamy “glasses kissing scene” with Seol In Ah. 

Landing a lead role in “High Priest Rembrary”, Kim Min Gyu raises expectations as to what kind of different charm he will present this time. “High Priest Rembrary” is scheduled to air in 2023. The drama’s broadcaster is still under discussion.

Source: Daum

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