BTS’s V Proven as “Sold Out King”, Celine Wins Big with “V-Effect”   

After Celine unveiled V’s pictorial, fans rushed to buy his items, causing a “V-Effect”

Luxury brand Celine recently unveiled V’s pictorial through its official SNS accounts in China.

The pictorial, which was conducted in France last October, is a portrait series directed by artistic director Hedi Slimane, who oversees every process from selecting the artist, styling, to shooting, adding deeper meaning.

Upon the release of V’s new pictorial, numerous fan purchase verification comments flooded the official Celine account, surprising many. It is known that Chinese fans express their love for their favorite celebrities by providing purchase verification when they promote a brand. 

On top of this, the jacket and accessories worn by V in this pictorial also sold out in most sizes in Korea, Japan, the United States, and many more, proving the “V-Effect”.

Previously, when V was appointed as the global ambassador for Cartier and became the new face of the Panthère de Cartier campaign, the Cartier website experienced a temporary shutdown as fans rushed to buy endorsed items, causing astonishment.

The high-priced Panthère de Cartier necklace worn by V is known to have sold out at Cartier online stores worldwide, further illuminating V’s reputation as a “Sold Out Kind.” Fans who couldn’t wait for the delivery period verified their purchases directly from the store, proving V’s powerful influence as a global ambassador.

Meanwhile, Brand Finance, a leading brand valuation and strategy consulting firm in the UK, reported that Celine experienced a 51% growth after recruiting V as the brand’s new face.

Source: Nate

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